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Paraguay´s barge fleet is the third largest in the world, right after the United States and China

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The Paraguay-Parana rives has 3,442 kilometers long river runs through Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay: The Hidrovia. Though this river route, Paraguay imports and exports the 70% of their products. According to “The world factbook” available at https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/print_pa.html , Paraguay has a total area of 406,752 sq Km, the area can be compared with about three times the size of New York State. Despite Paraguay is a landlocked nation, the country is surrounded for two Rivers, The Paraguay and Paraná rivers basically form the country’s waterway system.

This waterway system is potentially the greatest axis for freight movement in the sub-region and a possible integration mechanism for the MERCOSUR countries.  According to Cox (2010) “Hidrovía, is one of most significant watercourses in South America” and The Paraguay-Paraná Rivers waterway system allows for more than 2,700 km of inland navigation within the South American continent and also supports maritime navigation (mid-sized bulk carriers) in the lower reaches of the system (the first 500 km).”

The Paraguay Fleet has more than 100 ocean going vessels: 3 bulk carrier, 24 general cargo, 5 oil tanker and 74 other type.  Moreover, in 2017, Paraguay´s barge fleet registered 2,012 fluvial vessels of which 1,721 were commercial barges.


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