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Marine Circulars

Seatam Holding S.A.

Marine Circular (MC) describes the manner which Seatam QMS communicates their policies, national requirements on marine safety that could be applicable, pertinent regulations, and or security and safety issued regarding HSEQ matters. The issuance and purpose of Marine Circular (MC) is to identify critical information to develop our team task in a safe manner identifying potential risks to the health, environmental protection and quality aspects.

Marine Circulars (MC) are applicable as mandatory to all our staff, members and associated.

Marine Circulars (MC) are identified with 2 letters: MC followed of a sequential number of 3 digits and Marine Circular´s name. Marine Circulars are listed in an index of Marine Circulars distributed periodically in Seatam Holding web site.

Index of Marine Circulars

Seatam requires that all our associated, technical associated, suppliers, ensure that the most current version of our Marine Circulars are maintained as part of their respective agreement. Marine Circular are considered as integral part of Seatam Holding Quality Management System.

Marine Circulars have not revision, only date of issuance. In case need of revision arises, revised Marine Circular will be analyzed, revoked and delated or replaced.

Our methodology to register date of issuance is Day, Month, Year: DD.MM.YYYY