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Pre-purchase inspection

Seatam Holding S.A.

Pre purchase inspections and condition surveys are verification services conducted onboard ships in order to provide information regarding on/off hire contract negotiation, potential chartering or selling, to determine de current condition of the vessel, change of management, ship´s registration, among other.

Pre purchase inspections and condition surveys process can be carried our afloat or under berthing operations and usually our service is provided under our customers specifics instructions and requirements.

Pre purchase inspections and condition surveys are continuously monitored by our technical department and our attending surveyors are encouraged to submit relevant pictures via App in order to clarified potential or substantial findings, our in-home supervisor analyzes the picture and if deemed necessary send potential risks or findings to our principals.

Our Pre purchase inspections and condition survey service can be performed in more than 150 ports worldwide, among others: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia.

The final report is presented to our customers in the next 3 or 4 days. 

Pre purchase inspections and condition surveys report usually covers the following items.

  • General summary of survey and condition of vessel
  • Documentation status for publications and Statutory Certificates
  • Management, Records and Manning
  • General Condition of the Ship structure: External hull and superstructure, anchors, chains, windlass,
  • General Condition of Ballast tanks, Deck equipment.
  • General Condition of Hatch covers, Derricks & Cranes and Holds, Cargo equipment
  • General Condition of Engine room, Machinery and Bunkering, Bilges, running hours if the main and auxiliary engines
  • Findings Bridge and Navigation equipment
  • General Condition Communication system and antennas
  • General Condition of Life Saving Apparatus and Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Findings regarding general items inspected such as crew accommodation spaces
  • General documentation findings regarding Safety Management System, the ship and machinery log books
  • Documented defect list and Condition Statement
  • Documented last cargo voyages to determine the usability of holds.
  • Final commented picture report in electronic format to close the Pre purchase inspections and condition surveys process.

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